An alliance of language centres

canSpeak was founded with the objective of offering language services to companies like yours - training, interpreting, translation and consultancy - which are both pragmatic and at a reasonable price. Our solution is an alternative to language centres which only propose local or regional solutions, or a patchwork of franchises, or uncoordinated subcontractors.

canSpeak offers a unique solution of independent language schools throughout France, interconnected with other alliances throughout Europe and beyond. 

Each centre has achieved distinction in its own region before joining canSpeak; and each centre respects canSpeak's procedures to make sure it fits efficiently into overall national or international projects entrusted to canSpeak. It's a one-shop, one-stop solution for you, and we do the orchestration.


Canspeak is an alliance of the best independent language training centres in France.


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Our team


Bharat Mahtani
CEO canSpeak
VP Marketing and Legal Affairs

Originally from India, I completed my IT studies in Pondicherry and then continued at the Université de Paris XI. After several positions as international project manager, I purchased the language centre Isserlis Form@ctions, in Paris, in 2011, and then Language Associates, also in Paris, in 2014.

John Cullen
Deputy CEO
VP Finance

After graduating from Dublin Polytechnic in Electronics and Communications, I worked from 1990 to 1996 as an avionics engineer for Aer Lingus. Then, in 1998 I set up Cullen Language Services in Lyon, one of the founder members of canSpeak. In 2013 I took over Globe Langue Solutions in the Paris region, another of the founder members of canSpeak.

Victoria Gwinnett Boucher
VP Technological Innovation and LMS Project Leader

My studies prepared me to take over the management of our centre Anglo French Services (AFS), set up in 1988, and located in la Défense, in the Paris business district. Our team specializes in language training products for companies.

Marie-Hélène Gomis
VP Sales
Project Leader

After working in tourism at the beginning of our careers, my husband Philip, Franco-British, and myself, both being linguists, moved into translation and language training. In 2007 we set up our own centre, Atraduire (training and translation) in Dijon, and a member of canSpeak since 2008.

Valery Vigneron
VP Quality

I hold a Masters degree in foreign languages and also in corporate administration. Since 2000 I have been managing my company Kintail, and since 2013 Esprit Langues in Nantes with Henri Guillopé. Both these companies are members of canSpeak.

Emmanuel des Moutis
VP Marketing, Legal Affairs and Infrastructures

I graduated as an engineer from the École Centrale de Paris and then the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, I first worked as a management consultant and then in various media, in particular TV. I took over Cambridge Training Institute in 2017 when the previous owners retired. I'm fascinated by international communication.

Saleem Taleb
Project Leader

Originally from Mauritius, I graduated from the University of Strasbourg, and managed a bank from 1989 to 1997. Then I took on the responsibility of managing a language school. In 1987 I created my own centre A-Propos Langues in Strasbourg and in Mulhouse.

Martin Sanders
VP IT Systems

After graduating from Oxford (GB) and then Italy, I worked for 2 years as project manager before setting up Axis Strategy Consultants in 1999. One of programmes I have developed is ManageAll, specifically designed for managing language training centres, and the Extranet used by the members, trainers and customers of canSpeak. Axis is a founder member of canSpeak.

Arnaud Beyrand

I graduated in applied languages from the University of Clermont-Ferrand, and then continued my studies at the Yamasa Institute in Japan. I taught French in Japan for several years before setting up SB Traduction in Clermont-Ferrand in 2004. In 2013 I took over Métaform-Langues, a founder member of canSpeak.

Henri Guillopé
VP International Relations
Project Leader

After studying languages at the University of Rennes, I taught English in a secondary school, also in Rennes. I soon realized that I wanted to manage my own centre, and so in 1996 I created Option Langues. We run courses for canSpeak all over Brittany, and in 2013 I set up Esprit Langues in Nantes with Valery Vigneron.

Sandra Gojal Salafia

I originally come from Malta, where I did my studies. I then came to France and spent several years teaching English to adults. In 1991 I set up my own language school and today I manage my two companies, Espace Langues et Formations (ELF) in Compiègne and Poly-Langues in Lille, both members of canSpeak.

Philippe Abadie

I studied languages at the University of Pau before becoming an English trainer for adults. In 2005 my wife Nicki (English) and I decided to take over the language school Alpha Langues, based in Pau, providing training throughout the regions of the Pyrenees and the Basque Country. We’re specialized in language training to companies, private adults and children.

Karen Roustan Delatour 

Of British origin, I did my studies at the Université de Paris XIII before becoming an English trainer. Then I left for the South of France where I was Director of Studies in a centre in Nice before training to be a professional coach, and in 2004 creating my own coaching and language centre in Marseille, L’Espace Langues et Coaching.

Philippe Riffey

Trained as an interpreter, translator and language trainer I began my career in the United States. This inspired the name of the language school I created in 2002, Maison Blanche Formation in Besançon, my city of origin. Our centre provides language training for companies and private individuals.

Key Account Sales Manager

Of Italian origin, I studied and started my professional career in Milan. After arriving in Paris in 2003 I set up a company which I sold in 2008 to follow my husband to Rome. Back in France in 2012 I discovered from the world of training that fascinates me! Attracted by human contact, negotiations and new challenges I'm thrilled to be a part of this unique network.


Polish by birth, with a degree in Tourism in Montreal, I worked in the field of tourism development in Canada between 1993-2001. When I arrived in France, I changed my orientation and for 17 years I have devoted myself to teaching foreign languages. After having worked as a Sales Manager for various training companies, I set up my own language audit consulting firm. In August 2018, my company bought VIA LINGUA the canSpeak centre located in Lorraine after the retirement of Marie Claude THIRY, its director.

Administrative Team

Julie Dumas
Project and Training Manager

Of Franco-British origin, I graduated from the St-Étienne Business School with a diploma in International Business Development, after studying in Paris, then Budapest. I was an English trainer and teaching coordinator in 2 language schools before joining canSpeak in 2014. I follow our customers carefully and coordinate our Project Leaders. You can speak to me in English, Spanish or French.

Adminstrative and Training Manager

I joined canSpeak in 2015. I graduated with a Masters Degree in Economics, Law and Psychology from the University of Clermont-Ferrand. I deal with accounts, quality and prospecting for new customers, and provide support to the management team . You can speak to me in English, Spanish or French.


Our Trainers

canSpeak has 500 salaried trainers spread throughout our centres in France, where each team is managed by one or more Directors of Studies. The vast majority are graduates with teaching qualifications, and teach their native language with passion. Almost all of them have acquired experience in other sectors. For each course, trainers are chosen according to their specific experience and the functional needs of the students,They know your business and adapt the content of the programme accordingly.

The story so far

  • - 2004
    1_DSC03335_ang.JPG 1_DSC03335_ang.JPG

    The first preparatory meetings for canSpeak

    First meetings organized to prepare for the creation of canSpeak.

  • - 2006
    2_DSC03332_ang.JPG 2_DSC03332_ang.JPG

    The creation of canSpeak

    Founding of the company canSpeak, the umbrella organization for the canSpeak network.

  • - 2007
    3_KPMG_ang.jpg 3_KPMG_ang.jpg

    First national contract

    First national contract (KPMG), work pooled into the network by several canSpeak members (France Telecom, Calyon, Caisse d'Epargne…).
  • - 2007
    4_M_Lafitte2_ang.jpg 4_M_Lafitte2_ang.jpg

    10 affiliated centres

    The first canSpeak convention is organized near Paris, in Maisons Lafitte, hosted by Cambridge Training Institute. The canSpeak network now has 10 members in France.

  • - 2008
    5_NewCustomers_ang.jpg 5_NewCustomers_ang.jpg

    New national contracts

    Several new national contracts come the way of canSpeak, customers from research, construction, banking…

  • - 2008
    6_Conv_Lyon.jpg 6_Conv_Lyon.jpg

    18 centres affiliated

    Second canSpeak convention held in Lyon, hosted by Cullen Language Services. 18 language centres now affiliated.

  • - 2009
    7_histo-audit_ang.jpg 7_histo-audit_ang.jpg

    First quality audits

    The first quality audits are set up through an external body. This measure helped create privileged relations with certain large groups such as Safran as of 2010.

  • - 2010
    8_histo-firstgroup_ang.jpg 8_histo-firstgroup_ang.jpg

    Development of canSpeak in Europe

    Partnership set up with Quality First Group, a network in Italy. Partnerships with Asset in Germany, Harmony in Slovakia, Windsor Idiomas and Hexagone in Spain, the UK, Austria…

  • - 2011
    9_cSOL_SmallTalk_ang.jpg 9_cSOL_SmallTalk_ang.jpg

    canSpeak Online - our own e-learning programmes

    canSpeak develops and sells its own e-learning suite for professional English, with 6 levels, on the English 360 platform. Soon afterwards canSpeak Blended Business is released, emphasizing certain specific company situations. The two suites enable canSpeak to propose truly blended courses, combining face-to-face, telephone and e-learning.

  • - 2012
    10_Gamelan_ang.jpg 10_Gamelan_ang.jpg

    6th convention in Pau. A network in harmony

    The canSpeak convention, held ever year over 2 or 3 days, is a time for bonding: 2009 in Rome, 2010 in Bordeaux (Hamilton House) and 2011 in Strasbourg (A-Propos). 2012 led us to Pau near the Pyrenees, but it seemed like Indonesia as we explored the network's harmony by playing the gamelan together! Thank you Alpha Langues.

  • - 2013
    11_Logo_Areva2_ang.jpg 11_Logo_Areva2_ang.jpg


    A national contract was signed with the Areva group to design and set up blended courses ("Dream in English"), and also telephone classes blended with our e-learning programmes canSpeak Online. Face-to-face courses too in Paris, Normandy and the Rhône Valley.

  • - 2014
    12_ConvML_ang.jpg 12_ConvML_ang.jpg

    8th convention in Auvergne - 23 affiliated centres

    The 8th canSpeak convention, hosted by Métaform-Langues in Auvergne, was an opportunity to update operating rules for our network, and to discuss new French laws on professional training. The network has now expanded to 23 centres.

  • - 2017
    on aménage 2_ang.jpg on aménage 2_ang.jpg

    8 new shareholders

    At the Annual General Meeting of canSpeak, 8 of our members became new shareholders - our centers in Pau, Paris North, Angers, Rennes, Besançon, Lille and Marseille. A warm welcome to you all.
  • - 2017
    moncpf_ang.png moncpf_ang.png

    New training opportunities

    New laws in France have created opportunities for the funding of training to facilitate career opportunities as of 2015.  After a transition period over 2015, the scheme, known as the CPF, has begun to take off, and several companies in our customer base are beginning to make use of the scheme to develop the language skills of their employees.
  • - 2017
    Bharat_ang.jpg Bharat_ang.jpg

    A new CEO for canSpeak

    We would all like to wish a long, happy retirement to our outgoing CEO, Bob HUGHES of CTI, appointed in 2014. Thanks for everything Bob! In December 2017, canSpeak's shareholders appointed Bharat MAHTANI of Language Associates, as CEO to remplace Bob. An Executive Committee was also appointed with Bharat, John (CLS), Victoria (AFS), Marie-Hélène (Atraduire), Valery (Kintail), and Emmanuel (CTI), all presented above. Wishing you great success for canSpeak.
  • - 2017
    LMS_Grammar_Show_ang.png LMS_Grammar_Show_ang.png

    canSpeak's LMS (Learning Management System)

    Further to agreements signed with TalentSoft (talent management and learning software) and Collins (EFL publisher including videos for learning professional English), canSpeak is developing online training programs, the first of which will be available at the beginning of 2018 for blended English courses: Professional English 1 and 2, Project Management, Dealing with Telephone Calls, Commercial Relations and Running Meetings. On your marks…