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Learn French in France
Group classes in the superb castle of La Mazure (classes and accommodation/meals), near Laval, NW France. The programme alternates group activities where the participants learn how to deal with real life conversations and one to one discussions where they have more time to improve their specific needs.

Individual classes at various locations in France: for example in Anjou, in the heart of the Loire Valley with tailor-made courses and linguistic excursions.
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Companies - 1 to 1 and Group Classes
French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese ... Polish, Czech, Russian, Hungarian ... Arabic, Chinese, Japanese ...

Speak the language of your contacts! The programme focuses on your needs, your context, the situations you have to deal with. Our trainers are qualified native speakers. You will learn how to structure/improve your language and express yourself with greater precision. Intensive practice of oral expression and comprehension for maximum progress.
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The advantages of Individual Classes (1 to 1)
  • Flexibility in organizing the frequency, times and days of the sessions.
  • Flexibility in adjusting the objectives and contents of the programme (preparation for a specific mission, conference, meeting, presentation…).
  • Intensive practice (exclusive speaking time).
The advantages of Group Classes
  • Small groups of 2 to 6.
  • Same level groups.
  • Interactive, cooperative approach between group members.
Business - Professional workshops
Develop your confidence and efficiency; express yourself more freely in various professional situations in the language of your choice: - Presentations - Running meetings - Telephone - Negotiations - Writing documents
Develop your professional skills in dedicated workshops: - Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Sales, Legal Affairs, Engineering, Tourism/Hotels/Restaurants, Medical, Transport/Logistics, Reception, Personal Assistants, Project Management, Insurance, Real Estate Agents,…
Aviation - The "AST Simplified Technical English" standard.
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Professional Workshops are for trainees who already have a reasonable level in the target language (intermediate or higher). They can be run as One-on-One or Group classes. The advantages of professional workshops
  • The training focuses on the language you need in your job.
  • You will build up a glossary of the terms used in your profession. 
Intercultural training
How well do you understand your own culture as others experience it? 
And how well do you understand the culture of your business contacts?
 - its values and expectations? 
To do business internationally, negotiate new markets, keep your customers, manage international teams, handle mergers and acquisitions you need to be able to answer these questions.

These courses are designed to develop your intercultural skills, understand different cultures and apply communication strategies for better management of, or participation in, international teams. canSpeak can set up these courses in English or in French.
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We are specialized in intercultural training for China, India and Japan, particularly in the field of purchases, sales, subcontracting and local acquisitions or start-ups.

We can also organize intercultural training for other countries (Brazil, Russia, United States…), and help you learn a few basic expressions in the local language. 
Coaching involves high added-value individual accompaniment to help your prepare for your professional challenges in a foreign language: whether you need to make a presentation in Spanish or French, participate in an international meeting, welcome a group of Japanese researchers or inspectors…, your native-speaking language coach will help you prepare for the situations you need to cope with. He or she will work on your difficulties with you and help you to overcome them.

The language coach quickly builds up a professional relationship around a specific purpose so that the trainee hears his or her own words with fresh ears.  
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The advantages of coaching
  • Bilingual language coaches who are familiar with your company,
  • Tailor-made optimal solutions,
  • Flexible organisation - one or two half days depending on your availability, and just before your presentation, meeting…
Telephone courses
Your trainer on the other end of the line! True remote language courses, in some ways even more efficient than face-to-face classes because it is more difficult to understand a speaker over the phone: canSpeak's telephone classes will provide you with practice and the communication strategies you need. 
Classes can be organized either on the phone or by videoconference. 
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The advantages of telephone classes
- Online reservation and management of each session depending on when you are free,
- Possibility to choose trainers with different accents,
- Possibility to choose a trainer familiar with your job or activity,
- Intensive listening and expression.

To get the most out of each session, the trainee should prepare it. Preparation concerns a newspaper article, a topic in the news, or a communication game (which the trainer will send to you).  Corrections and follow-up work are sent to the trainees by e-mail.  

The different topics are linked to the trainees' needs, the classes are structured, and the trainers warm and professional.
Our e-learning programmes are designed for remote individual acquisition and practice, using resources adapted to your level and needs. They provide maximum flexibility: you learn what you need and when you are free to log in. Your tutor follows your progress and is available to help and provide you with feedback. These programmes are blended with face-to-face or telephone classes, helping you to progress more efficiently through your personal preparation and consolidation work, a prerequisite for any successful language learning.

Take your destiny into your own hands.
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French, Spanish, German:
Réflex' français, español, deutsch.

canSpeak Online©: offering 6 progressive online learning modules for professional English (elementary to advanced), based on material published by the prestigious Cambridge University Press. Specific modules can be created for your company and there are also modules for the preparation of the TOEIC and BULATS tests.
canSpeak Blended Business©: a unique method for creating personal learning programmes based on specific and varied business situations. The approach is blended with face-to-face or telephone lessons involving the three crucial phases of acquisition, transfer and performance/evaluation. Seven levels are available.

E-learning is also available for other languages.
Residential language courses for total immersion in the culture and the language
Apart from learning French in France (see above) canSpeak offers residential courses in other languages and countries - an efficient way of building confidence fast and making quick progress.
One-to-one, group or a combination of the two.
Professional courses: management, finance, HR…
Accommodation in a family, hotel or apartment…
Excursions and cultural activities.
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UK: Canterbury, Bath, London, Bournemouth, Tunbridge Wells.

Group Residential English courses in Auvergne and in Le Château de la Mazure (Laval).

canSpeak proposes a placement test to set up training in English, German, Spanish, Italian and French on this website; it is free, there is no password and you get an immediate result.
We use the Common European Framework of References for Languages (CEFR).
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There are very many international and French tests used to certify the level attained in a language. canSpeak proposes the following tests with preparation if requested: TOEIC, TOEIC Bridge, BULATS, TOEFL, DELF, DALF, TFI, WiDaF, ELYTE, Bright, Gymglish, BEST Online, Cambridge (BEC, Proficiency, Advanced, First, Preliminary), TEF, DCL, Oxford Placement, CLES, IELTS, LEVAC, GPRL, GRL…
Successful documents:
Success in international projects will always be dependent on human relations and efficient communication.
Your canSpeak translators familiarize themselves with your company, and will be your greatest allies. 

Proofreading articles and reports: canSpeak can also proofread documents written directly in the target language. All modifications are tracked so that writers can continually improve their written texts.

All our translators/proofreaders are specialized and translate into their native language. 
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You can count on total discretion from our translators: this discretion can be formalized through a signed confidentiality agreement. 

Whatever the document – website, brochure, leaflet, annual report, internal magazine, contract, press release, quality manual, software guidelines or any other publications - we pay particular attention to the quality of our translations, ensuring that deadlines are respected.

Before it is delivered, each translation is proofread by a second translator.

For greater efficiency, our translators familiarize themselves with the technical vocabulary and jargon specific to the business sectors of our clients.   
Simultaneous (conference) or consecutive interpreting
Successful events and meetings
Human relations are vital for success in your international projects: and good human relations are dependent on fluid communication. 
Our interpreters adapt fast to each situation and understand the importance you attach to human relations, whatever the languages, in various situations:
- international information meetings - researchers' congresses - sales conventions - assistance in company mergers or acquisition projects - integration of ERP or other IT projects - product launches - accompanying auditors for ISO 9000, 14000… -  factory visits - commercial negotiations - European Works Councils - annual shareholders' meetings - training for operators in industrial equipment - European cooperation projects - press trips…
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You need to take the interpreting very seriously to succeed in your international events. canSpeak can provide precious advice concerning optimal configuration and the equipment necessary, including technical assistance from one of our partners. 

Naturally several of our missions involve access to highly confidential information (documents, presentations,...).
You can count on total discretion from our interpreters. This discretion can be formalized through a signed confidentiality agreement. 


Canspeak is an alliance of the best independent language training centres in France.


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